Lang BBQ Smoker Cookers and Snow

Delivers of Smoker Cookers in the Snow

Like the postman, our delivery trucks will be on the road no matter the weather, rain, sunshine, or snow!

Smoker Cooking in the Snow

Lang BBQ Smokers is based in sunny, warm Georgia but many of our smoker cookers live in places of cold and snow.

On average how much wood would the 36 Lang BBQ Smoker patio model go thru on a 10 hour burn at 250 degrees (F)?

Here’s what some cold weather residents with Lang BBQ Smokers has to say about smoking in the snow:

  • Depending on weather conditions, plan on adding a piece of wood every 45-60 minutes. ~ Romeoville, IL
  • Just plan to add a little more wood and watch your temps. Invest in a good gauge that measures the internal meat temp plus the temp at the grate. ~ Rayville, MO
  • Cold weather is no problem! Get a wool blanket (got mine at an Army Surplus store 5.00 ) lay blanket on top of cook chamber. ~ Stoutsville, OH
  • I live in Buffalo and don’t have any problem maintaining temps in the winter, use a little more wood however and the smoker is sheltered by a roof and 2 walls ….. ~ Buffalo, NY

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