Smoker Cooker Questions from MI

Questions from South East Michigan

I am currently in the market for a smoker and your 48” Deluxe or 48” Hybrid Deluxe has caught my eye. I’ve been smoking briskets and pork shoulders for the last eight years or so utilizing my Weber kettle grill and my cheap Brinkman vertical water smoker. I’ve mastered the two but now I’m treating myself to an upgrade. There are plenty of smoker manufacturers out there and I want to know what sets you apart from the rest? What advantages do your smokers have compared to the competition?

  • When upgrading to a smoker, which utilizes thicker-gauged steel, do you still have to tend to the fire every 45-minutes, or is that time extended due to better heat retention? I know someone who has a smoker and once he gets everything regulated and going, he doesn’t have to check the fire but every few hours.
  • Can you explain the Reverse Flow set-up that you use on your products? Is there a chamber along the bottom of the cooking chamber that forces the smoke/heat from the firebox to the opposite side of the cooking chamber?
  • Is the griddle, which I assume is located at the bottom of the main smoking/cooking chamber, which directs the heat & smoke to the opposite         side, removable which would allow the user to use this main chamber as a charcoal grill, or is that permanently welded in?
  • Can the trailer-mounted 48″ Deluxe be modified to include the front charcoal grill?  If so, how much would that cost?
  • Do any of your trailer mounted units that include the front-mounted charcoal grill, contain any storage bins or containers for                           wood/accessories?  If not, is that something that could be added to the opposite side of the trailer?

Thanks again for your time!

J. Newman

Any other product information would be appreciated. I’m currently located in Southeast Michigan (Detroit Area) and was wondering if you have a distributor in the area. I’d like to check out your product if possible.  Anyway, thank you for reading and I appreciate any feedback or additional information regarding your product.

A. Yes sir the thicker medal does hold the heat better. The average burn time for slow cooking is  every 40-50 min for most;  with 1-2 hrs burn times achieved by many. Fire management is the key. When fast cooking and grilling at hotter temps larger fires are required with similar burn times.
Our reverse flow system utilizes an all-welded  drip and grease pan, which is a griddle, in a Lang BBQ Smoker.

The best bbq  comes from cooking with split wood  and fat searing on a clean griddle;  it is moisture and flavor beyond compare and can’t be duplicated.  Lang BBQ Smokers are Authentic and offer Legendary performance second to none.  Along with Brand Name Value is why you want a Lang instead of the others.

All sales are Factory direct. No middle man between you and your bbq, deal direct. WE WILL HELP YOU ANY WAY WE CAN.

Lang BBQ Smokers..Better BBQ grilling and smoking by design

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