Good Morning Mr. Lang…………

I made it back yesterday in one piece.  It was refreshing to be in the South again , everyone we ran into were very friendly and wanted to look at the cooker.  We stopped at the low country visitor center in S.C.  one of the women there wants a smaller homestyle cooker , I gave her your website info.  We also stopped at Maurice’s for some bbq , it was good!
The BBQ cooker towed real good no problems , the Toyota Tacoma did excellent the whole way home.  I got alot of people turning their heads as I pulled into my town that I live in , thanks for a quality BBQ cooker I am going to fire it up tonight……………….
Thanks …..Paul

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  1. Dear Mr. Lang i’ve been a long time bbq cook, it got started as a hobby much as a lot of peoples do. I just recently spoke with one of your sales reps. and seen the lang 48″ at a local bbq cook off (RIVER FEST) in decatur,alabama. I was very impressed with the cooker, i would like to see a price list and some different sizes larger than the 48″ Thank you very much Anthony L . Smith

  2. Dear Sir: I loaned my Lang #84 with warming oven to my nephew in Connecticut. He’s opening a BBQ restaurant called “LJ’s BBQ and Country Kitchen”. The local buricrats in the Town Hall and Fire Department are giving him a hard time on using the Lang #84 to produce the best BBQ they have ever had in Connecticut. They are making him remove the standard steel shelves and replace them with stainless steel shelves. They would not let him cook with the shelves supplied with the cooker. They apperiently know nothing about this type of cooker. Is there any printed materials I could use to educate these buricrats about the fine art of cooking with the Lang Smoker? Larry Johansen


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