Tired of waiting for ever for your butts to cook?

Tired of waiting for ever for your butts to cook ? Debone the butt, lay the butt fat side up or down on your cutting surface,  cut the butt in half parallel with the cutting surface.
I use a dry rub, never the same, what ever I got, cover and let the butt set over night in the ice box , that’s a refrigerator for our Northern cousins.
Get the coals how you likem’, I use wild cherry, easy to split and mild flavor.
Smoke them butts till the internal temperature is around 110-120. At this point the smoke ring is done , wrap in foil if you cook the butts off with wood , gas you don’t need to use foil, or you can wrap in foil and finish in the stove. ( You can use the stove on the back porch, that Grandma would not touch or the one you got inside) Melts in your mouth in half the time. Oh yeah, save that bone for your bird dog, they like the bones smoked,
John Wayne McRae.
Lang BBQ Smoker Cookers have awarded you there highest honor for that great tip!

The 5 Piggy Award for Good Eating!
The 5 Piggy Award for Good Eating!

2 thoughts on “Tired of waiting for ever for your butts to cook?”

  1. That is an interesting tip. On the part about using the wood, I use wood throughout my whole cook. On butts I cook for 8-10 hours and never wrap. I have a Lang Modle 60 delux warmer, and as long as I have a clean fire(enough air where I barley see any smoke) then the meat is perfect never over smoked so there is no need to wrap them. I do use cherry which in my opinion is a mild smoke to begin with. Oak and hickory are much stronger smoke flavors so maybe it would be necesary to wrap them. It is always interesting to see different methods of cooking butts. They are such a forgiving cut of meat and there are so many ways to cook them that 9 times out of 10 you get great results.


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