The Lang 48 BBQ Smoker Cooker

Was wondering if you had some pictures of this grill open.


Dustin G

Bethany  Oklahoma
Hello Dustin,
Those are the next photos we plan to take, and soon.  The 48 bbq smoker is a great size cooker. The only reason you would want larger is that your cooking needs are also extended family size barbecues . Thanks for your question.  We  keep both sizes in stock. When out of stock we build to order. Thanks for Looking at Lang . Hope to Serve you one up soon.
Ben Lang
Lang Bar-BQ Grills, Inc.

4 thoughts on “The Lang 48 BBQ Smoker Cooker”

  1. Good morning Ben,

    I have been thinking about getting my Lang 84 painted with a custom paint job. Have you seen any of your smokers painted and is there anyhing special that needs to be done to it if I decide to get it painted?

  2. Hello Safeflt1,
    Glad to hear your Lang 84 bbq smoker is cooking so good for you.
    I just did a search for:custom bbq covers and found quite a few .
    Some looked like they could be of help to you.
    Good Luck
    Ben Lang

  3. I have had my Lang 84 for about a yr and half and cannot begin to tell you just how much I love it. I get nothing but rave reviews whever I cook and the food comes out perfect every time. I have been looking for a custom cover to fit the cooker…does anyone know where I can have one made?


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