Spring Q-School Class Dates

Smoker Cooker Classes

The new spring dates for the Q-School smoker cooker classes are now scheduled for April!

The classes at the Lang BBQ Smoker Kitchen in Hoboken, Georgia are 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. April 8 and 9. Each class is $350.


Register for the Q-School to learn the basics or finesse your expertise on how to smoke, cook or grill beef or pork to perfection every time!

Get the tricks and tips of the trade from Lang BBQ Smokers instructor Chef Paul Kirk who will teach new recipes for marinades, rubs and other ways to use your own imagination to give your family and friends the best barbecue ever!

Classes are limited and students will be cooking on a Lang BBQ Smoker. Many first-time purchasers coordinate the pick-up of their smoker cooker with the class so they can season the grill.

The class is suited for backyard BBQ enthusiasts, seasoned BBQ competitors and those considering opening a BBQ business, such as catering or mobile restaurants.
Go to and read or listen what people have to say about Q-School.

Select one of the classes and register and pay online.

More information available about Q-School and the Lang BBQ Smoker cookers.

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