American Built Trailer Mounted Smokers

Lang BBQ Smokers

There are plenty of clone Lang Smokers out there but accept no substitutes! Lang BBQ Smokers, under the leadership of Ben Lang, is the manufacture of the original of what we all have come to love and know as the ‘reverse flow, off set-fire-box’ design.

I don’t have enough space here to review each unit in detail but take it from me the consensus is that they are ‘well worth the price tag’ – and you don’t have a prolonged wait whilst the company custom designs one for you. They are amongst the heaviest and most solid constructed of 1/4″ plate steel makes it easier to hold the required temperature once attained throughout the length of the cooking chamber. Thus it ‘sears’ meat to absolute perfection. As a source of fuel wood is cheaper than charcoal and all model types are easy to clean and will last you years and years and years…

The extensive range of trailer mounted smokers includes:

  • 36 Series: Holds over 72 pounds of food (10 pound pork butts and two 16 pound briskets at the same time). Specially designed for the home smoker.
  • 48 Series: Actual Cooking Surface-6.30 Sq. Feet – original, deluxe, patio
  • 60 Series: Actual Cooking Surface-9.93 Sq. Feet – original, deluxe
  • 84 Series: Actual Cooking Surface – 13.79 Sq.Feet – original, deluxe, deluxe with charcoal grill, deluxe with wide body, deluxe twin, kitchen, deluxe twin with charcoal grill, tandem
  • 108 Series: Actual Cooking Surface – 23.62 Sq.Feet – original, deluxe, deluxe with charcoal grill, kitchen, tandem

Lang Smokers also have their own dedicated facebook page.

Ideal for large gatherings of up to and in excess of 100 hungry people.

General Vital Statistics

  • Made from 1/4″ rolled plate steel body
  • 1/4″ plate drip and grease pan are all welded 3 piece construction
  • Fireboxes constructed of 1/4″ plate steel.
  • Handles are 3/8″ thick strong back.
  • Trailer is constructed of 3″ channel iron
  • 13″ aluminum wheels with heavy duty trailer tires.

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