DJ BBQ – Zany but Great

If you haven’t watched any video from DJ BBQ you might want to.  DJ BBQ always does his low and slow smoker cooking on a Lang BBQ Smokers®.

He runs the gamut with meats including unique techniques like beer can chicken.  I was dubious at first, but low and behold all 8 of his chickens cooked with a variety of flavorings looked fabulous when they were finished.

He takes barbeque seriously, and his technique for cooking ribs rivals some of the best competitors.  His “I’m a zany guy and my approach to barbecue is zany too” gives viewers a sense that while he takes his barbecue seriously, barbecue doesn’t have to be difficult.  In fact, it’s easy!

As zany as DJ gets, the end product of his barbecue cooking is absolutely mouth watering and looks as good as any pro might produce.  His methods may be quirky, but after all, it is the end result that matters.  He cooks on a Lang smoker cooker which means he has selected the best to get the best.  He appears on Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube on You Tube.

Check out the DJ BBQ playlist on Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube!

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