BBQ Pitmasters Finale Cooking on Lang Smoker Cookers

click to read more about bbq pitmasters 2013On August 25th BBQ Pitmasters aired the finale with all the finalists cooking on Lang BBQ Smokers. Ben Lang was at the event helping competitors use his stick burners – check out the video.


Each of the finalists were given an 84″ Lang BBQ Smoker to smoke a whole hog!

Check out our web page to read about the 2013 BBQ Pitmasters semi-finals and finale. We also summarize the season 5 of BBQ Pitmasters episodes 1-9. All episodes were run on Destination America and can be found on Netflix, iTunes and other streaming video companies.


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  1. Ben – I think this is where I leave a testimonial on our Country Club’s new Lang 60 Deluxe. At Moraine Country Club in Dayton, OH – I led a private donor campaign among 12 of our members to get this grill/smoker for our club. It arrived early Sat. morning – complete with its mag wheels. I was anticipating a well constructed smoker as I had seen one on display for a raffle at Fox Bros. Bar B Que in Atlanta. What was the big surprise is how effectively and how efficiently this unit cooks. I am from Texas & have been grilling, smoking and bar-b-queing for 48+ yrs on lesser equipment. We seasoned this smoker this morning and then pressed it into action – bar-b-qued 50 racks of ribs – that’s right – fifty – and 20 lbs. of chicken and grilled 30 prime burgers – all done by 5:30 PM. I constantly rotated the ribs – three deep – to get them browned (or glazed – if you prefer) – this amazing smoker had the “just right” bark – the pink smoke ring (used soaked hickory chunks and hardwood split logs in the fire box) – and slip off the bone bite with awesome flavor. The chicken was equally as wonderful. This is one mean machine and handled it all flawlessly. I feel like a competition level champion on this grill/smoker. I applaud your exceptional design and attention to detail on the construction of your smokers. We fed 175 members & guests this evening – plus the staff of 25. Not bad for its inaugural run – I think you’ll agree! Thanks Ben – y’all are champs in my book!


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