Wait Time For Delivery

Dear Charlie,

The  Lang 60 org BBQ Smoker delivered is $2990.65 paid to us prior to shipment and $500 paid to the delivery man when he brings you your cooker.

wait time is  short,can fill order same week on 60 org at this time.

three to four week lead time on all other models between now and the 4th of July; with  some larger models running 6 weeks. get on our production list with an on line order or phone your order in . Yes, We are very busy.Sorry it has been difficult to reach us.Making the World’s best bbq smoker cooker grill in the country  keeps us jumping.thanks for understanding.As you know, BBQ is now on the front burner.

Thanks for Looking at Lang BBQ Smokers hope to serve you one up  and get you Cook-in  soon.

email or call with any questions

Ben Lang

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  1. Charlie,
    Trust me these Lang’s are worth the wait!! I have a 60 deluxe about 6 months old now. It has been the best cooking investment I have EVER made. I was average before joining the Lang family, now people are begging me to cook for them.


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