Spring BBQ Smoker Cooker Class

We’ve had lot’s of people asking for more smoker cooker cooking videos and smoker cooker classes.

Recently, James from Toronto, Canada contacted us. He is looking to open a BBQ business. James told us he had been “smoking for twelve years and I am always looking for new information to help me along” and was very much interested in a class for him and his business partner.

Ben Lang quickly responded “Hello James. Ben Lang here. Thanks for you inquiry. The Classes at our LangBBQ Smoker Kitchen would be perfect for you and your partner to attend.. You would surely hit the ground running in the BBQ World after being in the Class. Spots for Chef Paul Kirks Classesstart selling soon and all ways a sell out. If needed we could possibly ad a third day on Sunday April 15th. His Famous One Day Classes Cut 3 to 5 years off of the learning curve. They are $300 for the day. And covers everything. You will season and cook foods with BBQ smokers all day while tasting your results along the way. You will learn how to make up a rub/seasoning and sauce . With mine and Chef Paul’s instruction you will both become an old hands at Seasoning BBQ Foods and Cooking with Wood; All in one day.  Jacksonville is 75 miles and closest international airport to LangBBQSmokers Kitchen See you in Class

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