The First Cook with the Lang 48″

…drop you a line and let you know how the first cook went with the 48.

Well it was a little while after seasoning the cooker before I got a chance to do any cooking on it. I had a block party coming up in our neighborhood so I did a precook 2 days before. I didn’t cook much, just a couple racks of baby backs. I am glad I did as it gave me a chance to see how the cooker handled. The ribs were great and I knew I was ready for the party.

The 48 was the big hit of the party. I cooked tri-tip and ribs and everyone around followed their noses to my set up. They waited patiently drooling until the food was ready to serve. The tri-tip lasted about 30 minutes and I had to snag myself some ribs so I could have something to eat. Thanks for the tips on sizing your fire to the temp you want to cook at. I split my wood to about the size of my wrist and had no trouble at all maintaining temps of 225 – 250 with just that thin blue smoke that makes it all so great. Thanks for making such a great product. I know I will be moving up to an 84 or 108 in the future.

~ B. Harper, Torrance, CA.

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