Any Lang Gear?

Q: My husband bought your 60 mobile 3 years ago…and had it shipped up to Minnesota!!!!!! He recently watched your YouTube video on how to light the fire (he knows how…but just wanted to watch it). He thought your hat with the Lang logo was cool…how can he order your shirt/hat/sweatshirt- type accessories. We’re in Minnesota and our smoker turns heads. He wants some Lang gear!!! Any help?

A: Dear Lori, Thanks for your email. Excited to hear that you Tom want some bbq smoker gear. We will soon have Lang BBq Smoker Gear complete with signature sauces and rubs. Stay tuned to Our News Letter for info in time for Christmas, maybe sooner. Sign up for the news letter at website homepage. Thanks for Choosing to cook with Lang. With your help, “We Make Barbecues and Pigroast”
My Kindest Regards,
Ben Lang

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