The best I had ever done.

After seasoning the smoker, Lang 60 Original, for an entire day, the next day my first cook came off with out a hitch. I smoked five brisket flats and five turkey breast for a catering job. The only thing that was different was that the briskets didn’t have as crusty or dark of a bark that they did on my old NB Black Diamond. I am sure the more I cook, the more I will get to know the smoker and the results will just get better and better. The turkey breasts were the best I had ever done. I cooked them in aluminum pans on the second rack. They were very moist and tender but entirely done (165 internal).
I do wish I had got the warmer but I am very pleased with the smoker.
Thanks for your help and hope all is well.
Down Home Catering & BBQ

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