Surfing for a Smoker Cooker?

Smoking Chickens as a side businessGlenn from California was surfing on the web for some smoker cookers with ideas of starting a side business with it.

Read what Glenn asked about reverse flow and warmers and Ben Lang’s reply.

Glen writes:

Glad to have found you! Your rigs look terrific and it looks like you have a lot of happy customers. I can turn out some pretty good bbq on my $60 Brinkman smoker but I really need to bring up my game a few notches. I’m thinking of starting a side business and want something big enough to handle a weekend of serious smokin.

Couple questions: I’m not sure what you mean by reverse flow. There was also reference in one of your videos about using the warmer on the side for smoking fish. Is that a cool smoker or hot smoker? Is the warmer usually just that – a place to keep things warm after they’re cooked? Finally, I noticed you had a one day class in April but don’t see postings for anything else coming up. Do you have plans for another class? I would be coming from the west coast and obviously would like to take full advantage of travel time and costs so a multi-day class or being able to attend a local event would be good too. Thanks for your time. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Ben Lang talking about Deluxe Warmers and Reverse Flow smoker cookersBen Lang responds:

The 60 series is the bbq smoker cooker for you; unless you need to cook six cases of pork butts on a regular bases, or 30 slabs; then you might consider  an 84 model. Both the 60 and the 84 models would work for a side business.

“Reverse flow” means the heat drafts from the firebox to the other end of the smoker and then back to exit the smoke stack; thus the nick name,reverse-flow. In all our Lang BBQ Smokers the reverse flow baffle has always been a griddle; sizzling and searing the foods to moist and grease-less perfection.

Deluxe models include warmers. Warmers are great when you are cooking away from the kitchen and for holding pans of cooked food or for bringing up sides like beans, corn or potatoes.YES they also can be cooked in and they normally run 40 degrees less temp than the cookers at any given time.

The warmers work well for smoking fish and can be run cold for cheese smoking. The Lang BBQ Smoker -60 deluxe is one fine machine but the 84s run more businesses day in and day out. Tough choice. Either way you are a winner with your bbq when you buy a Lang BBQ Smoker.

Look for more BBQ classes this fall at the Jack Daniels World Championship in TN. Sign up for our newsletter at our web site.  You soon see  more details and info about our signature sauces and rubs.

When it comes to BBQ, Lang BBQ Smokers will take you to the dance and keep you there. Hope to get you Cooking Soon.

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