Smoking Wood for my BBQ

I am interested in the Model#60. I have no experience with wood cookers/smokers. Somewhat concerned about the unavailability of hickory and other smoking woods in Nebraska.
Cory L
Stanton, Nebraska

The bar-b.q. smokers use less wood than you would think. A quarter chord will last you quite awhile when you are cooking for your own use. Lump charcoal works very well for a heat source. Hard wood Cabinet makers and tree surgeons often have wood available as a buy product. The part about you having no experience with wood; is the best part, you have no bad bbq habits.With the Lang smoker cooker you will quickly develope good barbecue habits. The Lang will take care of your cooking needs for many years to come. Try Missouri, there should be a good source of local fire wood type guys.
Best of luck, hope to serve you up a Lang one day soon.
Ben Lang

1 thought on “Smoking Wood for my BBQ”

  1. Cory, Ben is right – you won’t go through as much wood as you think. I have had 2 Langs now and love them. It took me about 10-14 cooks to really say I know what I am doing – sort of. 🙂
    You want to feel super comfortable – and time will help. Hey, if you are having frustrations, call Ben or post it on a forum, there are many Lang machines out there — and tons of competition experience. someone will fix your issue in no time flat.

    Happy Cooking!


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