I Bought a Lang Third Generation

Mr. Lang,
I bought a Lang Third generation 84 earlier this year. It has been beyond believe in cooking Boston Butts and Ribs. I now have been tasked with cooking whole Turkey’s ( about 18-20 lbs ones) for our church on Thanksgiving day this year.
Do you have any great recipe’s that you could share.?
Also, I am looking for information of how many Turkey’s might a 84 hold at one time. At what temperature and for how long to cook them in time and temperature? Any help would be appreciated.
I see on the web site that some of the owners have cooked Turkey’s before and maybe they can also contribute to my questions.
Buzz P
Regal-Brown, Inc.
Central Alabama Territory

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  1. I was always told a turkey over 12 pounds shouldn’t be slow cooked as the internal temp of the bird will keep it in the danger zone too long as far as bacterial growth is concerned. I personally wouldn’t do one as big as you are talking about unless possibly using the splatchcock method (Google it) there is even a video on you tube on how to prepare it

  2. Hello Buzz ,

    Good to hear from you, glad the Lang 84 is taking care of your cooking needs.
    Model 84 bbq smokers will hold 23 smoked turkeys from the reports
    I get.
    You need to hunt up ; Mr. Radford Siggers of Lanett, AL.
    He is the turkey cooking man. and he has a great recipe. He also cooks with and 84 barbecue cooker. There is a photo of him with his cooker loaded with turkeys at our web site: http://www.pigroast.com , on the Testimonial page.

    Thanks for your email. In an effort to help others; when you get the info you need , please post it here so others can find it.

    Ben Lang


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