Clean Heat – Lang Smoking Saturday Tips

Smoked Flavors with Clean Heat

Learn how to get smoked flavors using clean heat:

In this video Ben Lang talks about the importance of cooking with clear, clean heat on your smoker cooker!

Don’t make smoke, make heat!

Lang BBQ Smoker cookers are built in a way that allows you to cook with indirect heat – with our reverse-flow offset firebox design. The design will allow you to cook with heat, not smoke. The best way to cook with heat is with split dry wood.

Stick Burners & Split Wood

A stick burner will obviously expose food to smoke but  it is possible to cook with “clean heat”.

Burning clean, dry, split wood will burn cleaner and hotter than anything you can cook with. Split wood is very predictable. Look for indigenous hard wood in your area. For example – people in Pennsylvania might be using sugar maple while down in Georgia you might use oak or hickory. Any indigenous hard wood is good cooking wood and will burn clean and hot.

In the past people would soak wood chips and smoke up everything to create barbecue, but with a Lang smoker cooker you do NOT make smoke, you make heat using wood. The clean heat smoke will get you a 3/4″ smoke ring, smoke flavor to the bone, and subtle smoke layered in the flavor profile.

Remember: Don’t Make Smoke, Make Heat!

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