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David from Elberton, Georgia loves smoker cooking, has outgrown his Bubba Grill and wanted to make sure his investment in a Lang BBQ smoker cooker would have all the features he needs. We’d like to share David’s questions because many are not aware the we do have some smoker cookers in stock but we generally build to order so that you get the features you need. 

David wrote us about in the beginning… “In 2011 I purchased a 250 smokers which was a Bubba Grill Brand and started a small operation. Working full time as an Investigator for the Elbert County Sheriff’s Office I had very little time to BBQ but competed in a few competitions getting great results and winning some.”

David’s mission “What I feel was more important was I started to develop a name and repetition for cooking good BBQ mostly pulled pork and ribs. Since I have started I have on many occasions out grown my smoker for the number of people wanting good BBQ. I have had some good results with my smoker but I also have some issues where the fire box I believe is not large enough, the warming box is oversized, and there are some issues with trying to maintain a consistent temperature. I had an opportunity to see a 84 single, in operation a while back and really like it.

Time for a Lang BBQ Smoker Cooker … “I have looked at your web site and really like the 84 Twin Deluxe Model (I call it the double barrel) with the warming boxes. I like the char griller but my only issue is the lack of storage space.”.



“We can build you a single or double 84/with char grill on a tandem axle frame and an extra-long neck to accommodate your storage needs.
What ever you would like we can make it happen.
And yes our Lang BBQ Smokers are Far Superior to the imitations that are out there available. You will find our components built to the exact size they need to be; our temperatures to be very consistent and our “cook friendly-ease of use” to be second to none. Not to mention our factory made “built for purpose look” will go a long way in getting you additional catering gigs and satisfying health department concerns.

Thanks for choosing Lang BBQ Smokers. Looking forward to working with you on your order.
Ben Lang

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