Austrian Chefs Cooking on Lang 84

Jack Daniel's Invitational Barbecue Championship in 2012
Jack Daniel’s Invitational Barbecue Championship in 2012

Professional  Austrians Chefs Cooking on a Lang at the
Jack Daniel’s Invitational Barbecue World Championship

At the Jack Daniels Championship in 2012 we lent some Lang BBQ Smoker Cookers to of those competing. An Austrian barbecue chef had an opportunity to cook on a Lang 84″. Check out Helmut Karl’s photos and what he had to say “about cooking on a Lang”!

Hallo Mr Lang,

My name is Helmut Karl, I am the chief cook of the Salzburger Barbecue Bulls, Austria, Europe. We are now 15 years long a international barbecue team and have won 4 times a World Barbecue Championship und also 2 times the World Gold Cup in Swizerland. In Europe we work with Outdoorchef Gas-Kettles. Also we were 10 time invited from Jack Daniels in Tennessee. I have some small smokers for cooking. Now in Europe in the competitions they are starting with real barbecue and so we need a cooker like your Lang Smoker 84, we used the last years in Tennessee. Is it possible to get one of them in Europe or to send one of them to us?

I send you some fotos of the Jack Daniels Championship 2012.

Best Regards,
Helmut Karl

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