Memphis Pro Pellet vs Lang BBQ Smokers

Concerns about Maintaining the Smoker Cooker Temperature


I have a few questions, when I was considering a smoker I was considering a Memphis Pro Pellet grill after further research it sounds like you cannot achieve a smoky flavor with these. What I did like was that you can maintain a constant temp at 225 degrees. My concern with the Lang is being able to control the temp.

I already have a charcoal Weber that I cant keep at that temp! Will the Lang be able to do this & how would I accomplish.

– Rick F. from Mansfield, OH


Yes. You can maintain temps very easy. Lang BBQ Smokers love to live at 225-250 temps.
That is one of the many things that owners like best about our reverse-flow barbecue smokers. This ability is built-in with a Lang Smoker Cookers.

Check with owners at these links to our Lang BBQ Forum and our FaceBooks and Twitter links.

These links to our Blog and U-tube channels are very useful also. You are right about wood-pellets vs wood-sticks; they do not give the hard wood flavor of split wood.

I guess Grand-Pa had it right, “nothing burns like split-dry wood.”

Thanks for Looking at Lang BBQ Smokers. Hope to serve you one up soon.

– Ben Lang

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