Does duck taste good cooked in a Lang BBQ Smoker?

Some of the guests  on our Lang Forum were recently chatting about smoking a duck.  Thanks Tom L and MysteryMunchies for bring up the topic of smoking duck and sharing recipe tips.


My favourite food is duck, and I’m wondering if you’ve tried cooking duck in a Lang Bbq Smoker, and whether the duck tasted any good afterwards?


For the last two months I have cooked every duck that I have shot on the Lang

wild ducks, season both sides of breast with garlic pepper, Lang temp 250, 10 minutes per side.

The ducks we shoot here are divers and are normally very strong flavored. The Lang cooks them so well, that everyone loves them. That smoke combines with the duck taste and comes out very good.

Another good thing to try is to take the duck breast , cut it into 1″ cubes. Season them in Worcestershire sauce for a half hour. then take the duck add a piece of green pepper, and water chestnut, then wrap in bacon and toothpick together. 45 minutes at 250 on the Lang top grill, man they taste like candy.

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