Stuck Air Vent on Firebox – Lang Smoking Saturday Tips

Stuck Air Vent on Lang Firebox

Learn from our own Jim Mahlmann how to easily overcome a stuck air vent using the Ben Lang way.

Lang BBQ Smokers are well known for  their high durability, but, as an outdoor cooking tool,

the Lang BBQ Smoker Cooker is subjected to many external forces.

Depending on your location, the forces of nature such as extreme cold, high humidity, and salt air can effect some aspects of your Lang BBQ Smoker.

In the above video we can learn Ben Lang’s recommendation for a quick, easy fix when the Firebox Air Vent gets jammed on your Lang BBQ Smokers. While our first instinct in a jammed firebox air vent case would be using some industrial lubricant, Ben Lang suggests a much easier, accessible and more efficient solution. In order to restore the mobility of the firebox air vent, Ben suggests the use of Pam cooking oil. By using this product we can restore mobility in a quick manner while avoiding industrial lubricants that will affect our cooking (most industrial lubricant has unpleasant smell that can affect our cooking).

The best way to apply the oil is by spraying it in the small gap between the firebox and the air vent cap while forcing movement on the air vent cap. Repeat this process until the cap feels loser and it is easier to rotate.

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