A Lang BBQ Smoker Survives The Great Flood of 2016 in Louisiana

Lang survives The Great Flood of 2016 in LouisianaWe live in Livingston, LA, one of the worst hit areas of the Great Flood of 2016.

My husband owns a 36 hybrid patio that he purchased in early 2015. He LOVES his Lang. We jokingly call her the “mistress” because he spends so much time with her

We, along with 90% of our parish lost our homes, cars, and most earthly possessions. But the one thing we have left, is our Lang! She was in water, 2 foot above the smoke stack for 4 days straight! When the water resided, we went to look at the damage. The Lang was still standing tall, every hinge opened, without using any kind of WD40, or anything! There a small patch of rust outside of the fire box, that’s it! So I want to commend you on building such an amazing smoker!

It put a smile on our faces to know, that even though we lost everything else, we still had the mistress! And most of all, that after all the turmoil, we can have that one piece of normalcy by cooking on our Lang. Can’t wait to fire her up again. Again, you build an amazing product, and just wanted to let you know how amazing it really is! Feel free to use my email for any promoting for Lang!!

We 💖 Lang!
Malcolm & Marcia Smith

We send our prayers and best wishes to your family and the strong people of Louisiana!


Ben Lang

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