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The Model 36 Lang BBQ Smokers

October 10, 2010, GEORGIA – The kind of outdoor cooking that’s been winning awards across the country can now be done by anyone grilling at home, with the long-awaited creation of a smaller version of the legendary Lang BBQ Smoker.

The Lang 36 is the smallest version of the unique, reverse air flow cookers that have become famous in many state grilling championships for their ability to cook meat, chicken, seafood and vegetables to a level of succulent perfection that will wow even the most discerning barbecue fans.

Until now, the unparalleled Lang products, which cook faster, better and in larger quantities than conventional types of grills, were available only to grillmasters in large competitions, restaurants, hotels, and catering businesses.

But now cooks at home can use a black, stainless steel Lang 36 cooker, a smaller, lighter version of four larger models that Lang BBQ Smokers has been manufacturing in Georgia since 1988. Barbecue masters at home can impress their family and friends with the best taste they’ve ever had, a fresh, grilled flavor with a hint of smoke. Food can be grilled fast or slow-cooked on low. The Lang cooker is easy to use and clean.

Even pitmasters on television are discovering Lang products. The Lang 36 was used by four cooking teams, including the grand champions, in the BBQ Pitmasters competition televised on TLC.

“Using the Lang 36 will make a star out of you,” said Ben C. Lang II, owner and chief executive officer.

Barbecue chefs at home will find that the new Lang cookers heat up faster, are more responsive than conventional grills, and can cook small to large quantities, said Lang. Because the Lang 36 can hold up to 75 pounds of food at once, the cook grilling for guests can cook large quantities at one time, rather than grilling small amounts in stages. Also, Lang cooking is healthy cooking because the fat is rendered out and sizzles. The Lang cooker uses state-of-the-art, reverse air flow technology for maximum heat circulation and flavor. This is a dramatic improvement over most grills, which have heat generating under the food, rising and escaping, with grease dripping onto the flames and burning back onto food. The Lang cooker instead works with heat generated in a firebox. Wood or charcoal is loaded into the fire box, lit and heated to the desired level. Cooks can use a heat gage on the exterior of the cooking hood to choose either “smoke,” “grill,” or “barbecue.” As the firebox, and then the cooker, heat up, smoke vents out of the smokestack just above the firebox.

Heat from the firebox flows into the cooker and circulates under and over the food. There is a baffle with a V-shaped, angled griddle under the food that runs the length of the cooker. As the grill cooks meat, for example, fat renders out and drains off of the griddle. So meat is greaseless, leaner and less filling.

“The design is simple,” Lang said. “The fire is away from the food and heat is everywhere all the time. It’s drawing down and back and from left to right, which makes cooking even and efficient. You can’t punch any more flavor into food or get barbecue that’s leaner.”

Customers who order soon will get the temporary low price of $850, made possible by Lang buying black stainless steel at a steep discount. But with the price of raw materials back up, Lang will only be able to offer the discounted price for a limited time.



* Body dimensions are: L 68″ W 41″ H 49″.
* Smoke Stack 71″
* Grilling area 29 x 24 Upper Rack 18×12
* 21″ diameter Black Stainless Steel Ultra Light Cooker
* Weighs 365 pounds
* Famous Lang reverse-flow design,
* Generous 17″ Firebox
* Drip and grease pan are also Black Stainless
* Responds Fast, Gets hot quick
* Cleans up easy
* In stock , ready to pickup or ship.

Price $849.00

Also available without the standing frame to be set up right in your patio area. $700.00



For more information about the Model 36 Lang BBQ Smokers call 1-800-462-4629 or 912-462-6146.

7 thoughts on “Lang 36 Patio Model”

  1. Picked up my 36 Monday on the way home to Ohio from Daytona Bike week. The Grill upstaged bike week in my conversations with the little lady. I felt guilty having spent the money when I have other 3 grills at home. None of them stake up to this one. NOT EVEN CLOSE. After getting Home Tuesday everning I started playing with my new toy and kinda upset my girlfriend because I unpacked the Grill first and started a fire before I unpacked the truck. Did a Beer Can Chicken Wed and it was perfect with little effort on my part other than keeping the fire going in the rain. I love the grill and I look forward to using it for years to come.

    Thanks!!!!!!!!!!! Ben and Tom for such a fantastic Product that is well worth every penny and it was a true pleasure meeting ya’ll.

  2. this 36 patio is as easy to start as a fuel injected smallblock!….with the right fire (coals) the temperature is as easy to control as turning a dial…..great job guys!!…..a few accessories i have found handy are a small galvanized bucket that hangs on the grease valve and a black plastic “dog food scoop” with a square front….to clean out the ash from a square fire box its a breeze…the scoop comes from the Tolco co….both where bought at a local store called “Tractor Supply Company”…a great store….my hats off to the Lang people for building a great cooker….thank you!

  3. regarding “starting the fire”….you can reduce your startup time by using 1 lb or so of natural wood lump charcoal …you can use cowboy coal or Royal oak…i prefer the later because it is real cheap at you guessed it Walmart… order to light large chunks of wood even with a porpane burner like Ben shows in the video you can reduce you start up time by 75% if you put lump coal underneith you larger peices of wood …it will light and become a flaming hot coals bed of coals in less thatn 15 minutes…thus lighting the larger peices more quickly and without any funny tastes or oders……i would like to thank Ben Lang for his vision in BBQ….this patio 36 is the best cooker i have owned….i will keep posting til the cows come home then i will put them on my Lang BBQ!!!!!!!!!

  4. New to the family….my search for the ultimate cooker has ended. Friday I pulled the trigger on a new Lang 36 patio… I was very happy to see Mr. Davis comments above ….if anyone has any additional comments about the 36 I would be interested in hearing about it…I am the type of person who does all his homework very carefully and feel very confident in my purchase ….I would like to thank “Tom” at Lang for guideing me through my purchase and all of his patience. you are an asset to the Lang Company…. in time I will post my own comments and questions regarding this awsome cooker ….thank you Gary

    • Be sure you check the videos on how to start a fire on Lang’s You Tube Channel. Some of the trickiest things are starting the fire and cooking time. The forum and blog have some great info that helped me as a novice. The 36 is my first and it made all the difference in the results. Jim M, the Lang web master.

  5. 36 patio. Is it still availble and has the price gone up to the higher end yet? How may butts and or ribs will fit on this at one time?

  6. I have two 36’s and an 84. The 36’s are the stuff for home or competition. I own Hickory Barn BBQ in Athens Alabama and we compete in several cookoffs. I cooked 100 wings at one time on one of my 36’s this past saturday. These things heat up fast and are very easy to regulate ( as are all of the Langs). I cooked for 4 hours on a load of 10 lbs of Cowboy Charcoal at 300. It is effortless to keep the temp up and cooks very even. I m cooking at Riverfest in Decatur Al this weekend and the 36’s will be major players. Lang builds a top notch product and will make folks that have bought more expensive cookers cry like babies. Thanks Ben for a great quality product. Bill Davis, Pit Master Hickory Barn BBQ


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