Cooking on a Lang takes the worry out of bar-bq

Ben Lang

I just wanted to stop by and say. My Dad purchased a Lang Smoker a few years back from you and it is the best smoker we have ever cooked on. He bought it about two or three years before he passed in 2008 and really enjoyed cooking on it. He was cooking for a lot of the people in our neighborhood. Word got out and I have started cooking with it since his death. I really enjoy getting out on Saturday mornings and firing that baby off and cooking for people. It will cook the best BBQ you have ever put in your mouth. I would recommend this Smoker to anyone. Most people think like my Dad did and say to themselves that I can cook just as good on my old smoker as anyone else can on that smoker. I hate to say it but they are wrong just like my Dad was. Once he cooked on the Lang Smoker he said I wished I would have had one of these Smokers my whole life. He also said he never knew smoking/BBQing could be so easy and fun. I know if you are reading this right now you are saying to yourself yea right just like we did. The old saying goes don’t knock it until you try it. I guarantee you will be satisfied with this product if you buy you one.

Michael Warren

1 thought on “Cooking on a Lang takes the worry out of bar-bq”

  1. Thank you Michael for sending this testimonial. It makes it all worth while.
    Glad to hear you are still cooking. Your dad’s still right. “Cooking on a Lang takes the worry out of bar-bq.”

    Ben Lang


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