Justin Fox at the Big Apple BBQ

Big Apple BBQJustin Fox and the Fox Brothers Bar-B-Q of Atlanta, Georgia (www.FoxBrosBBQ.com) came to New York City for the Big Apple BBQ (www.BigAppleBBQ.com) with their Lang BBQ Smokers!

The Fox Brothers Bar-B-Q originally opened their restaurant 10 years ago with a Lang BBQ Smoker cooker kitchen model, and now have three. Early on they had one of their smoker cookers stolen (guess everyone wants a Lang, although that isn’t the preferred way of obtaining one). In this video the Fox Brothers Bar-B-Que have seasoned their latest Lang BBQ Smokers® cooker model 108 and it performs top-shelf ready for show time at this Big Apple food festival #BigAppleBBQ.

The Fox Brothers Bar-B-Q started with a 60” then moved to an 84” and the newest addition is the Lang BBQ Smokers® Cooker model 108. You’ll see the reasons why these serious BBQ professionals selected Lang BBQ Smokers.

Whatever the recipe, it cooks better on Lang BBQ Smokers. Lang has created a world of “Good Eatin’ BBQ.”

Fox Brothers Bar-B-Q www.FoxBrosBBQ.com
Lang BBQ Smokers www.LangBBQsmokers.com

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