Hi Ben and The Crew,

I have had my 60 Patio for 5 months now. I just wanted to let you know how glad I am that I chose a Lang. I previously owned 2 less expensive, cheap quality BBQ cookers over the last 15 years. One was a horizontal style cooker and the other was a vertical style, both with offset fireboxes.
Maintaining a steady temperature with them was very challenging. Due to the opening between the firebox and cooking chamber to let in the heat & smoke in those types of cookers, a large portion of the cooking chamber space is wasted. You can’t put any meat too close to the opening because it will burn. In my search for a new cooker, I learned about your “reverse flow” design. This design is why I chose a Lang cooker. It made sense to me. I have to say thank you for building your line of cookers this way.
When I opened up my new Lang cooker for the first time I new immediately that this was something special. Your design is brilliant. The heated flue produces even heat throughout the cooking chamber. The “V” groove on top of the angled flue takes the excess grease to the drain, making cleanup a snap. I like to cook with all-wood fires, and I can’t believe how “clean” the fire burns. My BBQ has never tasted better! My only regret is not buying a cooker from you earlier. Anyone out there thinking of buying a new cooker, from a newbie to a seasoned pro or anyone in between, should buy a Lang. I have recommended your cookers to all of my friends. When the time comes for me to buy a trailer BBQ rig, I will
buy it from you. So if you should retire or close the business, give me a heads-up so I can get one. I don’t want to be stuck buying an inferior cooker from someone else. I also want to thank you and your crew for the excellent customer service you provided to me. Ben, I think on one phone call you gave me about 20 minutes of your time, answering all of my questions. That is very rare these days. Also, please say thank you to your craftsman in the shop actually building the cookers. They did an excellent job on mine. If I ever am out in your neck of the woods, I would love to stop by for a visit and say hi. I have attached some photos so you can see what I’ve been cookin’ so far.

Thank You,
Jeff Krbec

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