Healthy Smoker Cooking

Healthy smoker cooking with CLEAN HEAT.
Healthy smoker cooking with CLEAN HEAT.

Ben Lang shares information on how to eat healthy with your Lang BBQ Smoker cooker by grilling with “clear heat”.

Q: What  is “clear heat”?

A: Clear heat is one of the best kept secret of grandmasters. It occurs when all the Hickory or Oak wood has burned down to coal and intense heat is available for smoking. The smoke from this wood is released through the smoke stack before reaching the unit. At this time, favored wood, like Apple or Cherry, is added to the firebox to naturally season the meat.

Q: Why is “clear heat” healthy?

lang choice recipeA: Natural, healthy cooking occurs when fat is rendered out of the meat when clear heat is used. The result is a lean, delicious product. The meat turns a golden color as the natural juices baste the chicken, ribs, pork or beef.

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