Future Testimonial – we’re going to love it


This Grill will be our(my wife & I) introduction to ‘Smoking’, on a much larger scale. We are thinking of starting a small Catering business
and, I got to bring a “Manly” side to this thought/venture of ours; So, we love BBQ, we love Smoked BBQ,and we have been playing with our Weber “Smokey Mountain 18 1/2″, for a few years now (pork, beef, lamb, turkey, chicken, salmon, trout, and ext.)we think were ready for the next step up.

We have watched numerous video’s and read countless testimonies from your costumers and we’re here for a reason: your reputation is quit known and backed. Our thought is to learn on this smaller model while still being able to introduce our Menu to potential customers, and like any new venture, we hope to grow into something like your 84″ Twin Deluxe Smoker Cooker with Chargrill,(if you make that type model in a 36″ or 48” that would be great also)so we can really bring in a full diversified menu(at least 4 main courses).

We really look forward to giving your grill a try. We know learning is the part of any venture so, again: we are fully confident in our decision to purchase a ‘Lang BBQ Smoker’, because of what we have read, and seen on ‘Youtube’. Unfortunately we have never tasted a product from a ‘Lang’, but we look forward to it.

A potential new customer;
Kaine C. Grover, and Joy Smith-Grover.

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