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I love smoker grills and me and my son love to grill out. My wife loves our food and we go camping a lot so i think one of your grills would be nice. I also wish to cook competitively. I also hope to cater bbq. I am a chef as my family says .

Your on the right track. The Lang Smoker Cooker is what you have been looking for. The 48 models would serve your needs. However, the 60 model would best serve you. It would allow for you to cook extended family and do catering. The 48 would be a bit small for catering. The Lang Smoker Cooker will take the quality of your food to a new higher level. I know your foods good now, but its fixing to get better. Thats why So Many Chefs use our cookers. Thanks for looking at Lang, its the worlds best grill.
Hope to serve you one up real soon.

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