Wide Body 108

I have some questions.
How much extra for a wide body 108?
How much for an extra axle on a wide body 108?
I live in panhandle of Texas, I do some on site catering in some very remote locations, and I need to carry several coolers.
Also how large of a hog can I fit in a 108?

We will be happy to fix you up. You can have it built your way. A tandem 108 deluxe wide body trailer frame would be $7995. The cooker will hold over 600 lbs of meat. The only limitation for getting a hog inside is the size of the doors. Some 108 customers have ordered theres with two doors on one side (the way them come
normally) and a larger single door on the other. The 108 has become a very popular size. We just sold one to the largest cattle ranch in the nation, 45,000 head and there not in Texas there down in South Florida. Takes up three counties he says. He wanted a 108 and his friends all have 108’s. Hope this helps. E-mail or phone with any questions 1-800-462-4629. Thanks for Looking at Lang!

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  1. Jonathan, this may be too late – but I LOVE the widebody idea. Just make sure you can reach the meat on a 108 with doors on only one side. She’s a faaarrrr stretch to the other side. 36″ I believe.

    Send pics on what you have! – Love to see them.


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