BBQ Events from September 8th-10th- ‘Cue the News

Cue the newshis upcoming weekend (September 8th-10th), there are numerous BBQ events throughout the United States and a few outside the US. Below are the events listed by location. Please visit our event calendar for more information and links.

Let us know if you will be #cookingonalang at one of these events! Please send us photos of yourself with your Lang smoker cooker at the event to [email protected].

United States:


  1. Colorado Pork & Hops Challenge– Grand Jct, CO (Sept. 8th-9th)


  1. South Georgia BBQ & Outdoor Festival– Douglas, GA (Sept. 8th-9th)


  1. Smoke on the Ohio– Mt. Vernon, IN (Sept. 8th-9th)


  1. Derby BBQ Festival– Derby, KS (Sept. 8th-9th)
  2. Hog Wild West BBQ Contest– Leavensworth, KS (Sept. 8th-9th)
  3. Kansas City Kosher BBQ Championship– Overland Park, KS (Sept. 9th-10th)


  1. Silver Lake Apple BBQ Festival– Silver Lake, MI (Sept. 8th-9th)


  1. Sam’s Club National BBQ Tour– Kansas City, MO (Sept. 8th-9th)

North Carolina:

  1. Beak Week BBQ Challenge– Goldsboro, NC (Sept. 8th-9th)


  1. Hot Pursuit BBQ– Shawnee, OK (Sept. 8th-9th)

South Dakota:

  1. Ribs, Rods & Rock ‘n Roll– Vermillion, SD (Sept. 8th-9th)


  1. International Goat Days Championship BBQ Contest– Millington, TN (Sept. 8th-9th)
  2. Tony Stone- Cookeville Cook-Off– Cookeville, TN (Sept. 8th-9th)


  1. Green Mountain BBQ Championship– Randolph, VT (Sept. 9th-10th)


  1. 13th Annual Recovery Fest/ 8th Annual BBQ State Championship– Richmond, VA (Sept. 8th-9th)


  1. Puckaway Pigfest– Montello, WI (Sept. 8th-9th)


  1. Italian BBQ Championship 2017– Perugia, Italy (Sept. 9th-10th)

The Netherlands:

  1. Farm Meat “De Vaatseltoeve” BBQ– Dongen, Netherlands (Sept. 9th-10th)







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