Appreciation for American Made and Southern Hospitality

A short customer appreciation story with an overseas client.

In October of 2011, Mr. Parphilios Jahshan purchased a 48″ patio model smoker cooker and had it shipped to North Carolina. When he noticed that his credit card was over billed by $100 he emailed Ben Lang about the situation.

Typical of Ben Lang’s customer service and southern hospitality, Ben explained that there was an increase in shipping that he had not been aware of and apologized for not being able to notify Mr. Jahshan in advance and said he would send a check. Mr. Jahshan accepted the apology and said there was no need to send a check.

Then in January of 2012, Ben received a glowing testimonial for the 48″ patio smoker cooker and an order for another 48″ and a 108″!

Mr. Jahshan wrote that “The smoker is just awesome. I shipped it all the way to Jordan & we use it almost every day. Great craftsmanship.

I am interested in purchasing a 84″ original model & another 48″patio model. Can you please get me international shipping quotation for the 84″& the 48″ (a quotation for each if possible) . The destination is port of Aqaba – Jordan.”

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