How to Cook a Turkey- Lang Smoking Saturday Tips

How to Cook a Turkey on your Lang Smoker Cooker

Follow these steps in order to achieve the best flavor from your turkey on a Lang smoker cooker:

The average time to smoke a turkey is between 30 to 40 minutes per pound

  1. Heat up your smoker cooker between the temperatures of 235° and 250 ° F.
  2. Use fruit woods in your smoker cooker to intensify the flavors in the turkey.
  3. Place your turkey in a disposable roasting pan.
  4. Continuously add wood every 35-40 minutes (as needed).

*In order to avoid a too smoky taste from your turkey, add small amounts of wood to the hot coals. This process will get your fire to burn clear heat.



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    • That is a subjective question. People may prefer specific flavor profiles.
      I would go to the FaceBook page of both LangBBQSmokers and LangSmokerCookers
      and ask the question. Many people will be happy to give you advice.


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