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  1. MR. lang;i posted earlier,you can delete old post.got a couple of questions I hope you can answer. Will there be any issue loading 2 48 patio in my Silverado with a 6.5 ft bed. second thing is; I cook baby back ribs and leq quarters.Or baby back ribs and chops.could you tell me with that;how much I can get of each on.third;if im unable to make the trip,and im getting 2 shipped to Henderson,ky.will I save money having 2 shipped at same time.last but least.due to my back injury,i am unable to stay on my legs over long periods.do you have videos on how to make rubs on certain meats,as well as bbq dips for sale. I have been using a reverse flow smoker for 15 years.i have alotta people who have told me to open a restraint.i do cook for friends and church members,but you learn something everyday. Cooking gives me piece of mind.your cookers are some of the best I;ve seen built.you stand behind your product. in a couple months ,I look forward to putting the lang name out there. do I need to order a month ahead for 2 48 patio with sliding top rack.and is there other products in the store you sale,not on line.if I get blessed;i might order 2 60.i truly need to know if I could get 6 slabs and 40 chops easy.or 8 slabs and 8 half chickens with chops. thank you mr. lang. Cant wait until I get a lang smoker.alot of people I can touch around the holidays.god bless


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