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The following is an excerpt from a great testimonial sent by  a new purchaser, but what made it special to me were several comments made about the staff at Lang’s BBQ smoker® cookers. To me, no matter how good a product is if the people who make, sell, ship, and deliver the product don’t have a great and helpful attitude, the perception of the product can change and the experience isn’t pleasant.  The staff at Lang’s BBQ smoker® cookers couldn’t be better.  They are helpful, friendly and offer expert advice.

Ben & team,

I just wanted to thank you again for the excellent service, responsiveness and of course, the great pit that was delivered to me Tuesday. Every member of your team from Sarah on the phone, to your welder who helped me figure out that I needed to rebuild my gate to your delivery guy was an absolute joy to work with.

 I fired the pit up about 3hrs after it was delivered, seasoned it and then proceeded to cook two of the best racks of ribs I’ve ever smoked. I’m very pleased with how stable the temperature is on the pit and how even the temperature is from left/right.

 Thanks again for the great service and the great pit. It’s been a pleasure to do business with you.

 True Tourtillott

Mountain View, CA

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