When a store bought smoker cooker isn’t enough

Don’t modify a store bought smoker cooker

Get a Lang BBQ Smoker Cooker

Dave McLellan, a new customer of ours found us on YouTube. He said “Searched a long time for a smoker with what I want. Your’s is the best one I found for the price.”

Dave had “Been working with store bought cookers for years. Modified them to work better but never got what I really wanted. Temp was all over the place. Still made good barbecue but time for the next level!!!!!!!!!!!” now he’s ready to cook on a Lang BBQ Smoker.

Like many Dave has bought multiple store bought cookers over the years. There really is no comparison, if you ever have the opportunity simply lift the lid of a store bought smoker cooker and then lift the lid of a Lang BBQ Smoker cooker (or hybrid charcoal grill) – you’ll immediately feel the weight difference. Our smoker cookers are built with 1/4 inch rolled steel construction. They’re built to last. The reverse flow design and the heavy steel construction will season well, cook with clean heat (not smoke) and last for years!  But don’t listen to us – check out these video testimonials.

“I can’t wait to cook on it and show folks up here in the Northeast what Barbecue is!!”

Dave, we’re glad to hear it! Dave plans to cook pork shoulder, ribs, whole chickens, and beef brisket on his new backyard smoker cooker. He thinking of competing in the future. Good luck Dave! Glad to hear you’ll be cook’n right along with us!


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