Tips for Keeping Your Lang BBQ Smoker Looking Good

We always get questions about how to care for Lang BBQ Smokers. Some of our customers have been kind enough to share their tips and photos.

Clean exterior of Lang BBQ Smokers with mineral oilHarvey W. from Canada shared a tip on how he keeps his 84 Lang BBQ Smoker looking good:

“I wipe my smoker down with mineral oil after every cook it looks like new takes about 4 minutes”.

Jason Fong suggests:

“There’s food grade mineral oil for those that don’t know.”

clean with stainless steel cleaner polishJason Kula says:

“I use soap and water then a stainless steel cleaner/ polish from zep, my “84 is 4 years old and look’s like new !”

If anyone else has a tip on how they keep the exterior of their Lang BBQ Smokers looking good, please share your tip and photo on our Facebook page.

3 thoughts on “Tips for Keeping Your Lang BBQ Smoker Looking Good”

  1. My 36 is about a year old. In my first cook this Spring,, I built a bit larger fire and the paint on the fire box blistered. I have the high-heat Rustoleum spray paint but before I use it, should I prep with primer not sure it is as heat resistant as the Rustoleum? Also should I do any prep of small rust spots?

    My racks are accumulating some “burned” food residue but the main part remains fairly clean with the steam cleaning. Can I soak and/or power wash them and then reseason? Any better ideas, like the dishwasher?


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