Taking Photos of Meat on Your Lang Smoker- Lang Smoking Saturday Tips

We love all the product shots that all the Lang owner’s send us through social media!

A couple of good points to remember when taking those product shots.

First “move in close”. A big mistake most people make is they are too far away. Shoot the cooker, we love that! But, when you shoot that brisket get close.

For those of you with a more sophisticated camera, Do NOT use your auto setting. Try experimenting. Use a zoom with a f/14 then switch to f/5 and finally and f/2.8. You really want to get the main brisket with a blurred background. This will make that beautiful piece of meat and all your hard work jump right out at you.


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I took this shot with f/14 and overhead. Have fun and keep sending those pictures, we all love them.

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