Is a 36 is the one for me?

When trying to select the size smoker cooker model that is right for you, you probably have a lot of questions. Some like to email questions, some start conversations on our FaceBook page, others are fine with the video that Ben Lang produced on how to select a smoker cooker. However we’ve had some interesting Q and A in our Lang FORUM that we’d like to share here to show you the excitement and enthusiasm.

Blake initiated this series of posts in our Lang FORUM

started  grilling on a weber kettle a year and a half ago. got a weber smokey mountain about 6 months ago. getting results i am real happy with BUT i think some better equipment will step up my game. i grill but mostly BARBECUE on these units (butts, briskets, ribs). temps in the 240s etc.

friends who have worked with some of the finest chefs in the world tell me my food is really something special (i feel they are being sincere too and not blowing smoke up my butt).  

i like the idea of a 36 because it will come up to temp faster, ill burn less wood (using logs will be new to me) AND the parties i throw at my place are smaller (by design).  less cleanup ya digg?  =-). 36 is in my price range too.

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