Special Request Denied and Appreciated

48" Lang BBQ SmokerQUESTION:

“What would you guys charge to cut a add a back door to my lang 48 deluxe and paint it?”


Ben Lang said “You do NOT want a door on the back side in the 36, 48, or 60 inch Lang BBQ Smoker models. They become … all door and no cooker. The structural integrity of the BBQ smoker is lost with too-much door to cooker, ratio. The heat finds a way out. A second door on the back are great in larger models.”


“Aaaaahhhhh OK.. thank you that’s why I contacted you guys to make sure it wasn’t messed up… professional that’s why I’m proud to be a Lang owner. Thank you Sir for Cooking on a Lang Bbq Smoker and Choosing to put us in the mix!”

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