Sonny’s BBQ Trivia Winners Win a Lang!

Congratulations to Michelle and Steve who won the Sonny’s National BBQ Month Trivia Contest and won a Lang BBQ Smoker!

Sonny's BBQ Trivial Winners win a Lang smoker cooker


My husband and I are new members of the Lang BBQ Smokers family and we wanted to share our experience with you! I entered the Sonny’s BBQ National BBQ Month Trivia Contest and I was lucky enough to win the grand prize. I knew that the grand prize included a smoker, but I had no idea that it was a Lang until two nice folks from Sonny’s BBQ delivered it to my house last week. When I walked out of my house and saw it on the trailer, I couldn’t contain my excitement when I saw that it was a Lang!

We have never owned a Lang smoker, but we have a friend who owns a Lang patio smoker similar to the model that I won and he also owns a large Lang smoker on a trailer frame. Our friend has used them in BBQ competitions and we were impressed with the quality of the smokers and how well they smoked the meats. After seeing that, we hoped that we would be able to own a quality smoker someday. Winning the contest made that happen!

After the smoker was delivered, I spent some time on the Lang website to read about first time seasoning as well as how to use it. We have been using an Old Country Pecos smoker and learning to use the Lang was much different, but we have enjoyed the experience very much and will be smoking plenty of meals on the Lang! We deboned and tied up a pork shoulder to make sliced smoked pork the day after the smoker was delivered and we smoked three racks of baby back ribs for our Independence Day celebration. We had successful cooks both days and we were impressed at how easy it was to use the new smoker.

Now that we are members of the Lang BBQ Smokers family, someday I will have to order one of the large metal Lang signs to hang in our BBQ area and some Lang t-shirts for my husband and I to wear while we’re smoking our food and making our neighborhood smell like a BBQ joint! Also now that we own a quality smoker, we may even enter some local amateur BBQ competitions with it!

I am glad that Sonny’s BBQ awarded us a Lang smoker as a grand prize because it is a quality product and we know it will be in our family for a long time. I am enclosing a collage of pictures that I took the day it was delivered, the day that we fired it up for the first time seasoning and the first two times that we smoked meat on it. The whole thing was such an awesome experience!

Michelle and Steve M. ~ Jacksonville, Florida

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