High Quality Meat for Your High Quality Smoker Cooker- Lang Smoking Saturday Tips

High Quality Meat for Your High Quality Smoker Cooker

In order to get the best possible outcome from your cooking session, make sure that the meat you are cooking is high quality. Follow the steps listed below:

  1. Buy local: Purchase meat grown as near as possible to where you live! Purchasing meat grown locally, will help the local economy, as well as provide you with the freshest products. If possible, try to find a butcher’s shop that has its own slaughter house in order to shorten the supply chain and get fresher meat.
  2. Buy organic: Make sure to ask that your meat was organically farmed! If the animals were not bred in the open air, but in industrial conditions, the quality of the meat will be lower.
  3. Inspect the meat before buying: Examine the product before purchase! Check to see if the meat has dark bits on the edges. This may indicate poor storage and refrigeration. Try to avoid purchasing meat stored in pink-colored water on the bottom of the trays. If you see this, there is a chance that the meat has been pumped with water.

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