Smoker Cooker Turkey Tips

  • lang choice recipeThe average time to smoke a turkey is between 235° and 250 ° F  for 30 to 40 minutes per pound.
  • Place turkey in disposable roasting pan.
  • Fruit woods work really well with turkey.
  • Your turkey will not get a smokey taste and you will not need foil if you get your fire wood to burn clear heat by adding small amounts of wood to the hot coals.
  • Add wood every 35-40 minutes as needed.

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  1. Just read on you site . smoke a turkey 30-40 min pr pd. then again a 10 turkey smoke it for 10 hrs. Is that not 1 hr per pd. which is it ? I’m using a Lang 84. I have A Green Egg I have used last year but needint to cook several at the same time. And How is Cherry wood for Turkey ?

    • Rick,
      There are many variables that enter the picture when cooking a turkey low and slow on a smoker/cooker. Some people put their turkey in an a disposable pan, some wrap their turkeys in foil, while others place the turkey on the grill and wrap the wings and legs. Temperature variations can make a difference. Some cook at 225 (generally recommended) which means that 35-40 minutes per pound will do the trick. Others use up to 300 degrees when cooking their turkey, which could shorten cooking time. Low and slow has a range. Did you stuff your turkey? If so, you might need additional time to complete the cooking cycle. Always use a meat thermometer (temp must reach 165) and always let your bird rest for at least a half hour to 45 minutes before carving. This assures that the juices are retained guaranteeing you a moist, tender result. Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Lang.


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