Creating Strong Happy Memories Through a Smoker Cooker

Dear Mr. Ben Lang,

I received my Lang 60 Original almost a month ago. I have only had the opportunity to smoke cure it, and to cook on it once. I cooked some beef briskets, baby back ribs, and some spare ribs. Everything turned out

My father passed away this past Saturday and one of the last things he talked to me about was how much he enjoyed the ribs I cooked. He was in a great mood and seemingly feeling well because he mentioned firing up the smoker and cooking some ribs. My father was a wonderful cook and he knew good food. He was as proud of my Lang 60 Original as much as I am. His passing was sudden and at home and by all indication pain free. He was in the kitchen preparing food for our weekly Sunday afternoon family meal. Thank you for providing a quality smoker cooker that brought some joy to my father’s life.

One more thing I have to tell you; my neighbors are telling me that the smells that came from my Lang 60 Original was making them hungry. They are already requesting that I feed them the next time I cook. I am one happy customer and I look forward to using and learning more about how to use my cooker in the days, months, and hopefully years ahead. What a hobby! What a way of life! Thank you Ben Lang.

S. Frakes

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