Smoker Cooker for Thanksgiving

A customer of our sent us this nice thank-you. They are excited to use their new Lang BBQ Smoker for Thanksgiving! Be sure to check out our Recipe Blog – we have an entire section on recipes for smoker cooking a turkey for Thanksgiving.

Giving Thanks

My new smoker arrived this morning! It’s beautiful and so well built. I like the new features and I just want to thank you guys for getting it to me so quickly. With nearly two weeks before my guests arrive for Thanksgiving I now have time to get it ready and practice with it a bit. So thanks again very much.
Best regards,
C. Regone of Katy, TX

Photo Credit –
An customer of ours, Mike Bonaiuto, has had a Lang BBQ Smoker for years – Mike posted this great photo of how he smokes many turkeys for Thanksgiving. The photo shows him smoking 10 turkeys on his Model 84 Deluxe!

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