He asked – Can you build a rotisserie in my smoker cooker?

We asked – Why?

While a rotisserie could be fitted in our smokers we don’t offer one. We prefer to let the heat move around the meat in our reverse-flow smoker cookers, rather than moving the meat around in the heat, as in rotisseries.

photo credit – the two whole hogs photo above is from Mike Bonaiuto Nice on his Lang BBW Smokers Model 84 Deluxe.

Brian asked us the question about the rotisserie and it was not for his lack of success with the smoker cooker he bought from us. He sent us some photos from his 2nd overall competition. Brian told us that “from start to finish the process in purchasing my first Lang cooker was a great experience everyone there was helpful and nice I look forward to years of quality cooking thank you. I’m also looking to purchase my 2nd cooker we will be hitting the BBQ circuit“.

He’s planning on purchasing one of our new Fat Boy 84 models which definitely doesn’t need any assistance with any rotisserie gizmos. And Brian is planning on attending on our FALL Q-School class this year – we’re quite sure we can show him more reasons why a rotisserie isn’t necessary on a Lang!

Here’s a photo of one of our 84 Fat Boys.


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