Questions About the Lang 60

Hi Ben,

I am interested in the model 60 deluxe trailer smoker and had a couple questions. You say that it is 57″ wide in your FAQ’s section, is this the entire width, from trailer wheel to trailer wheel? How long is the entire trailer? I need to make sure I can fit it in my garage. How many temp gauges are on the main smoker barrel, is there one on each end?
Also, what is your lead-time if I was to place an order in March?



Yes, the width is from the outside edges. The length is 11 foot 8 inches.
The new model 60 orginal now has one gauge at the lower rack level opposite end of the firebox. The older gauge placements were giving a temperature reading that was not true to rack temperature. You can have an extra gauge added if you like it runs $50 and it would be at the second rack level on the end at the firebox. Much like the new 84 models which come with two.

In the spring you need to allow about a three week lead time. Often I can serve you up the same day. Best advice is to call and see whats in stock when your ready to order. The 60 inch model is on of our most popular selling sizes. Thanks for Looking at Lang!

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