Q-School BBQ Cooking Class

Q-School Barbecue Cooking Classes

Low ‘n Slow and Fast ‘n Hot Cooking Class

Barbeque grilling hot and fast, and smoking a pig with hands-on cooking will teach you all the skills you need to be a first class barbecue master.

This class combines slow smoker cooking of a whole hog and hot ‘n fast barbeque grilling. The class will season and grill several type of meats including the whole pig. Instructions will also cover wood selection and fire management.

For more information and to sign up for this cooking class go to Q-School.

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  1. We had another great Fourth of July thanks to Mr. Ben Lang and the good people at Lang BBQ Smokers. Last year I purchased my Lang Model 60 and cooked on it once before my father passed away. He loved it! After his passing I went through a down time. I tried to sell my Lang 60 but my wife talked me out of it. I am extremely glad she did. Praise God for great wives.
    This Fourth of July we enjoyed the flavors of some great brisket, spare ribs, and pork shoulder all thanks to the best cooker/smoker in the world, my LANG MODEL 60 which we affecionately refer to as “Lulabelle.”
    In a fifteen-sixteen hour time period we smoked four large beef briskets, one whole pork shoulder and twelve slabs of pork spare ribs. Everything turned out great. NOT ONE DANG THANG COOKS LIKE A LANG.
    Ben we are taliking about going into business smoking shoulders and ribs and briskets. We are not going to start with a building. We are starting with the best smoker ever made LANG. We are going to wrap orders in butcher paper with bread and my sauce if they want sauce. Meat cooked on a LANG is so DANG good you do not need sauce.


    Scott Frakes


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